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  • Saswatha Annadanam Trust

  • Gosamrakshana Pathakam Trust

  • Pranadana Trust

  • Cottage Donation Scheme

  • Sri Venkateswara Vykhanasa Agama Patasala Vidhyardhi Dattata Phakam

Donations to some of the above schemes available online through Direct Debit Facility only. For now Debit / Credit / Cash cards are Not Accepted

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Saswatha Annadanam Trust

Sri Venkateswara Swamy vari Devasthanam at Dwaraka Tirumala (Chinna Tirupathi), West Godavari District situated on the top of the hill rock in a village named after the holy shrine, in Andhra Pradesh, attracting large number of devotees every day from far and wide.

With a noble intention to provide free annaprasadam to the Devotees. The Devasthanam has introduced “SRI VENKATESWARA SWAMY VARI SASWATA ANNADANAM TRUST” from 8-12-1994 onwards. A scheme was launched to pool up funds from the philanthropic donors to provide annaprasadm. Donations received from the donors are being deposited in National Banks and the interest derived thereon is being spent towards distribution of Annaprasadam.

The Devasthanam authorities are seeking donations from Philanthropic public. The devotees can contribute any amount not less than Rs.2,116/-. There is no limit. If a devotee donates Rs.2,116/-Annaprasadam’ would be provided in Donor’s name on any day specified by him every year. For a donation of Rs.2,116/- and above, Anna Prasadam would be performed in the name of the Donor as per Quantum of the donation amount.

The Devotees who donate the amount would be provided with certain facilities and they would be categorized as follows:-

1. MAHANNADATHA:- On a payment of Rs.3,65,000/- and above one can be recognized as “Mahannadatha” and can be provided with Antharalaya Darsanam and Nithya Annadanam, Puja Worships of Sri Swamy varu and pilgrims will be provided with AnnaPrasadam in their name daily. 

2. MAHARAJA POSHAKA:- On payment of Rs.1,00,000/- and above one can be recognized as “Maharaja Poshaka” and can be provided with Antharalaya Darasanam and Annadanam Puja Required Day Every Year.

3. RAJA POSHAKA:- On payment of Rs.50,000/- to Rs.1,00,000/- one can be recognized as      “Raja Poshaka” and can be provided with Antharalaya Darasanam  and Annadanam Puja Required Day Every Year.

4. POSHAKA:- On payment of Rs.10,000/- to Rs.50,000/- the donor can be provided with    Required Day Annadanam, Puja Darsanam for one day every year.

5. DONOR:- On payment of Rs.2,116/- and above below Rs.10,000/- one can be recognized as “Donor” and can be allowed to take part in the worship and for Free Darsanam and annadanam for one day every year.

Donors will get advance intimation about the performance of Anna Prasadam. Thename of the Donor will be written on the board out side the “Anna Prasadam” building. The Donor can take part in the worship and “Anna Prasadam” in person. In his inability to present himself in the worship and “Anna Prasadam” it will be arranged on his “Name” and “Gothram”.

The amounts donated by the Devotees would be deposited in the Fixed Deposits in Nationalised Banks and interest accrued there on alone would be utilised for providing Anna Prasadam.


Donations may please be sent in the shape of D.D. or Cheque or M.O. or by Cash in favour of the Executive officer, Sri Venkateswara Swamy vari Saswatha Nitya Annadana Trust, Dwaraka Tirumala, through any Nationalised Bank along with the following particulars:

Name and Address of the Donor:

Father’s Name:
Donor’s Gothram:
Name of Nominee of the Donor:
The Date of “Thidhi” of Anna Prasadam to be performed:
Amount paid Rs.:
M.O. / Bank Name/ Cheque / D.D.No.:

Therefore the Devotees, Mahadathas are requested to contribute their part to this most

Noble and sacred cause and become a humble participant in Anna Prasadam Trust.

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Gosamrakashna  Padhakam Trust

o    This Devasthanam is maintaining a Gosala with more than 200 cows, calves in Six Sheds. Yielding 150 Litters of Milk per day with commendable services of Dr. M.Sivaram, Retired Asst. Director Animal Husbandry as Honorary advisor.

o Green fodder development is rising by the Devasthanam in land measuring Ac. 30.00 Cts for Cow feeding.

o A Corpus Amount received from the Donors under this scheme has been deposited in Fixed Deposit.

o Donations of Rs. 1,116/- and above, can be offered by the Devotees. Exemption under section 80(G) of Income Tax act is available under this scheme. Philanthropic Donors requested send their donations by way of Demand Draft/M.O/Cheques in favor of Executive Officer, Sri Venkateswara Swamy vari Gosamrakahana Pathakam Trust, Dwaraka Tirumala, West Godvari District.

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Pranadana Trust

Service to mankind is service to god

Sri Venkateswara Swamy vari devastanam, Dwaraka Tirumala launching a scheme of “Pranadana Trust” especially to the persons who are poor and cannot able to get treatment for major dieses like cancer etc., and also to the devotees visiting to the temple for their treatment on free of cost.

 A trust by name “Pranadana Trust” for the above purpose is created are requested send their contributions by way of Demand Draft in favour of Executive Officer, Sri Venkateswara Swamy vari Devastanam, Dwaraka Tirumala, West Godvari District, Andhra Pradesh, India- Pin code: 534 426

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Cottage Donation Scheme

1.Cottages and Rooms are under construction by the Devasthanam.

2. Interested donors can contribute Rs. 11 lakhs towards deluxe room and Rs. 50,000 towards Annadanam donation, Rs.50,000/- towards Sanjeevini Trust. Rs. 7 lakhs towards donation of a room, besides Rs.25,000 towards Annadanam and Rs.25,000/- towards Pranadana Trust.

3. Donors Cottages are also can be taken up by the interested donors as per approved type design. The work shall be carried out and to be completed within 9 months as per type design furnished by the devasthanam under the Supervision of Devasthanam engineering personnel. Interested Donors may be taken up with Cottages Rs. 20 lakhs besides payment of Rs. 2,50,000/- towards Annadanam Fund, Rs.2,50,000/- towards Pranadana Trust.

4. Construction of Cottages, Room shall be taken up as per type designee with in 9 Months under the Supervision of Devasthanam Engineer.

5. Donors can avail cottage/room 30 days in an year. Maintaines charges will be collected from other than donors.

6. Donor Cottage shall be named among the list of names furnished by Devasthanam.

7. Agreement in the prescribed form on Rs. 100/- non judicial stamp paper will have to be excuted by the donor.

8. Solar Water Heater system shall be installed inevitably in the cottage by the Donor.

9. Futher details can be had from the office of the Exective officer Sri Venkateswara Swami vari Devasthanam Dwarka Tirumala in person during office hours or by PhoneNo. 08829-271427 or by email eo_dwarakatirumala@yahoo.co.in


Sri Venkateswara Vykhanasa Agama Patasala Vidhyardhi Dattata Phakam

The scheme for establishment of Agamapatasalas and training programmes to the Archakas was designed and certain guidelines were communicated for effective implementation of the Scheme through Rc.No. E2/61556/79 Dt. 05-05-1980 of the Commissioner, Endowments Department, Hyderabad.

            As per the said scheme 25% of expenditure will have to be born by the subject institution and the remaining 75% of expenditure to be met from Common Good Fund. Accordingly Sri Venkateswara Vykhanasa Agamapatasala was started in the year 1980( “ROWDRINAAMA SAMVASTRA SRAVANA SUDDHA DASIMI” Monday, September, 3rd) by Sri Raja Suraneni Venkata Rajagopala Narasimha Rao Bahaddoor Zamindar and Sri K.V.Narasimhamurthy the then Executive Officer of the Subject Devasthanam.

            The State Government on advice of T.T.D. Agamapandit Srimath Pandita Rompicharla Pardhasaradhi Bhattacharyulu decided to sanction 8 Agamapatasalas in the state. Out of which Sri Venkateswara Vykhanasa Agamapatasala, Dwaraka Tirumala was sanctioned.

            To improve the Agamapatasala with 100 students, in the regime of Sri Suraneni Venkata Sudhakara Rao Bahaddor Jamindar as Founder Family Chairman and to provide all facilities and like to Gurukula type Agamapatasala was constructed in Lakshmipuram Village which is very nearer to Dwaraka Tirumala with a huge estimated cost of about Rs. 1 Crore.

            In this connection it is submitted that with a view to lessen the financial burden on the Devasthanam caused on account of the increasing commitment towards the cost of maintenance and running, a scheme of receiving donations was introduced duly obtaining approval from the Commissioner, Endowments Department, Hyderabad in D.Dis.No. A3/29255/06 Dt. 07-11-2006 in establishing the Devasthanam to receive donations Rs.1,116/- and above.

Adoption of Vykhanasa Agama Student Scheme Donor can offer Rs. 1,116/- and above under this scheme

Donations may please be sent in the shape of D.D. or Cheque or M.O. or by Cash in favour of the Executive officer, Sri Venkateswara Vykhanasa Agama Patasala Vidhyardhi Dattata Phakam,Sri Venkateswara Swamy vari Devastanam, Dwaraka Tirumala, through any Nationalized Bank.

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